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Kid Zone

May contain: grass, plant, people, person, art, collage, photography, face, head, portrait, child, female, girl, and kindergarten

Our Kid Zone program is designed to provide service to the tiniest of us on the ridge, the children! The Kid Zone is an exploratory and interactive place, designed to spark imagination and keep curious minds engaged with piles of outrageous silliness and cool activities!

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The Kid Zone welcomes the doodlers, the daydreamers, the shade dwellers, spectators, and the soon-to-be scholars. All are welcome to watch and enjoy, or jump right in! 

The Paradise Recreation & Park District hosts a Kid Zone at most public events due to the high demand for the activities provided by the Kid Zone - and we all know that if the kiddos are happy, it makes it easier for the parents to enjoy themselves as well. 

Our hands on activities are some of the most popular activities we offer and they give children the freedom to roll up their little sleeves, create, experience, and learn new things! 

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In previous years we have had face painting, RC car racing, photobooths, art activities, playgrounds, bowling, bean bag toss, and different sensory experiences. We plan to continue these Kids Zones as well as pursuing partnerships to create brand new fun for the children to engage with.

Want to do your part in helping the children in our community have the best time possible in the Kid Zone? Volunteer your time at the next public event! Feel like sponsoring the amazing activities that take place at the Kid Zone? Become an integral part of the Kid Zone by sponsoring here.

May contain: head, person, and face