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Field Trips - Social / Emotional Learning


May contain: adventure, hiking, leisure activities, nature, outdoors, person, scenery, landscape, panoramic, clothing, footwear, shoe, and walking
Students at Bille Park - Expanded Learning Program
May contain: grass, nature, outdoors, park, plant, person, vegetation, clothing, footwear, shoe, rock, architecture, building, and shelter
Students at Bille Park for RC Monster Trucks

Parents, teachers, principals, and administrators - are you looking for program providers that can help you meet Social Emotional Learning standards while meeting the spending needs of AB86?  Look no further than our qualified staff at PRPD.  Throught the Healing Trauma Through Nature initiative, funded through the North Valley Community Foundation, we are proud to provide resilience-based workshops, field trips, and adventure programming (kayaking, hiking, ropes courses, and more) that will help your students experience standards-based curriculum.  Our Recreation Supervisor can create a custom field trip or after school program for your students.

The Menu

Below is a glimpse at the programming options included in our Field Trip services. Please, ask questions and make suggestions on curriculum integration into your LCAP or site specific goals. 


May contain: water, person, boat, transportation, vehicle, clothing, glove, canoe, kayak, rowboat, hat, kayaking, leisure activities, sport, water sports, lifejacket, and vest
Students Kayaking at The Forebay Aquatic Center


Paradise Lake – Picnic Side, Directions

Paradise Lake – Boat Launch Side, Directions

Bille Park, Directions

Lil Falls Trail in Magalia, Directions

Lake Oroville Dam Trail, Directions

Table Mountain Trail, Directions

Upper Bidwell Park, Directions

Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve, Directions

The Forebay Aquatic Center, Directions

Activities and Curriculum - highlighted items link to lesson plans/examples

  • Hiking
  • Photography(digital cameras provided) 
  • Drone Flying - licensed pilot present
  • Teambuilding Activities 
  • Nature Journaling
  • Traditional Survival Techniques – Bow Drills, searching and finding water, nutrition in the wild, finding a safe place during the night 
  • Preparing a meal in the wild
  • RC Cars/Monster Trucks (Only at Bille Park)
  • Hiking on moderate incline and decline (Only at Lil Falls Trail in Magalia and Lake Oroville Dam Trail) 
  • Rock Climbing and Rappelling (Only at Upper Bidwell Park)
  • Binocular based Bird Watching and identification (Only at Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve)
  • Fire Wise Curriculum (Only at Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve)
  • On the Water Recreation (Only at Paradise Lake - Boat Launch Side and The Forebay Aquatic Center)
  • Sailing(Only at The Forebay Aquatic Center)
  • Rowing (Only at The Forebay Aquatic Center)
  • Kayaking (Only at Paradise Lake - Boat Launch Side and The Forebay Aquatic Center)

Commonly requested themes and social emotional curriculum include:

  • Self Care(Planning Ahead)  
  • Perseverance
  • The Art of the First Impression (eye contact, hand shake, posture, language)
  • Fun with a Purpose
  • Sensory Tuning aka: Investing Attention vs PAYING Attention
  • The Art of Conversation (Active Listening Skills)
  • Kindness, Connection to land
  • Resilience
May contain: photography, nature, outdoors, scenery, clothing, hat, footwear, shoe, person, accessories, bag, handbag, water, landscape, panoramic, and lake
Students at Paradise Lake - Hike Day

Already booked a field trip or excursion? Below are several download friendly files such as the Field Trip Prep(what to expect) document, the Activity Registration Waiver, and the Forest Therapy Waiver for both adults and children

Field Trip Prep 3.2.23.docxActivity+Registration+2020.b.pdf22-23 Forest Therapy Adult Waiver.pdf22-23 Forest Therapy Minor Waiver.pdf2021+Adult+and+Minor+Waiver+Feather+River+Center.pdf

Terrain Park Digital Waiver Link

May contain: nature, outdoors, scenery, landscape, lake, water, boat, canoe, rowboat, transportation, vehicle, fir, plant, tree, and person
Students Kayaking at Paradise Lake - Kayak Day