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Kayak Classes 2024

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2024 Whitewater and Sea Kayak and Tours

We offer a variety of class and tours for beginners and experienced paddlers from tranquil flat water to thrilling white-water rapids. All classes include kayaks, paddles, spray skirts etc. 

  • Beginning and Intermediate Flatwater/Sea Kayak Instruction
  • Whitewater Kayaking Classes
  • Whitewater, Ocean, and Flatwater Tours to Great Locations
  • Skill-building Classes

Schedule subject to change, please contact PRPD Front Office (530) 872-6393 if you have questions or wish to schedule a class on a date not listed. 

If you are interested in Guided Kayaking Classes or Tours, please click on  Kayak Class Registration for more information on classes offered, location of the classes and pricing. 

Classes and Descriptions - Click HERE to register


Quick Start Your Kayak 2024

Interested in Paddling a kayak, but just want to test the waters? Join us for this QuickStart Your Kayak Workshop to get a brief introduction to paddling a kayak. Students are presented with basic information on dressing a paddle safely and potential hazards and simple rescues. A minimal paddle skill set is presented and practiced, allowing students to maneuver on still water safely and comfortably. This enjoyable short program emphasizing safety, enjoyment and skill acquistion for entry level paddlers. Our instructor, Dan Efseaff ( Kayak in Northern Claifornia,, will provide kayaks and equipment to get you on the water.

Kayak -Open Pool Session

We host open pool sessions to practice Eskimo Rolls and Sea Kayak Rescues. Participants must bring their own equipment for a Pool Practice Session (PPS) to practice rolls and rescues. All participants must wear a helmet and PFD.

Eskimo Roll

The Eskimo Roll is an important self-rescue technique giving Paddlers the confidence to progress. We build the skills needed for the Eskimo roll in this 2- session class to make you a more confident paddler. This class can be set-up for sea or touring kayakers who wish to learn boat-based deep-water rescues. Equipment provided for the Eskimo Roll Lesson (ERL) or participants can bring their own equipment. All participants must wear a helmet and PFD.

Moonlit Paddle

During this evening/moonlit paddle, we will enjoy the magical mix of paddling, watching the sunset, and the moonrise on the local flat water. Paddling on the evening/moonlit water is truly unforgettable experience! (ACA Level 1)

Sacramento or Feather River Wildlife EcoTour

Join Dan Efseaff, a restoration ecologist and ACA instructor, as we paddle, explore, and learn about the rich natural history of local rivers. We'll explore riparian forests, view wildlife, and paddle through waves and small rapids to keep paddlers busy between gentle pools. No two trips are the same on the river. The class includes kayak gear and some basic instruction, but the focus will be on exploration. Previous paddling experiene recommended. Class location depends on river conditions.

Touring/Sea Kayak Rescue Clinic

Join us as we learn touring or sea kayak rescue skills and techniques. We will also review safety equiptment, clothing, and preparation. Partcipants will gain confidence and maximize their paddling experience. Participants are encouraged to bring their own boat, or we can supply kayak, spray skirt, paddle, and PFD (just let us know).

Kayak - Beginning Touring (ACA Level 2)

The perfect kayaking introduction for recreational or sea kayakers, we will guide you through the skills and safety that you will need to become a proficient kayaker. Class includes an introduction to the kayak, launching, and an overview of basic strokes and show you some basic rescues. Class is based on American Canoe Association (ACA) curriculum and builds the skills for more advanced ocean or moving water conditions. Kayak In Northern California ( will provide a free kayak rental for the class. Combine this class with the Intermediate Touring Class for a complete weekend! (ACA Level 2)

Kayak - Intermediate Touring 2023 (ACA Level 3)

We build on BeginningTouring Skills and introduce more advanced techniques, such as bracing, edging, and especially rescues. This course is a prerequiste for more advanced tours, and builds your confidence to take on new challenges. (ACA Level 3).