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District Manager Message

District Manager smiling close-up

The Paradise Recreation and Park District has been a part of the fabric of life on the ridge for 70 years. Swim lessons, birthday parties, sports, camps, events, all are documented by fond memories and smiles.

As we face uncertainties over the next few months, here’s one that you don’t have to worry about: The Paradise Recreation and Park District (PRPD) will be a vital part of the Community’s future.

We know that we must change our business approach, programs, even the foot print of our parks. We must change for the District to survive in the short term and thrive in the long term, we commit to this eagerly as we see a future with the District contributing to the well-being and prosperousness of the community.

So here are some things to look for the next few years.

Our sleeves rolled up, we’ve been busy, and have worked tirelessly to get facilities ready and looking good. We opened the Paradise Ice Rink and hosted the tree lighting ceremony with a throng of a couple thousand people packed elbow to elbow. Since then the Terry Ashe Recreation Center looks fantastic and we’ve hosted numerous, a couple of wedding and graduation celebrations, and some regular club meetings. The developed area of Bille Park and Crain Park are ready for public use. The Paradise Pool and Moore Road ballfields will be ready in summer. Oak Creek, Coutolenc, and Lakeridge Parks will need a considerable amount of tree work, but that is underway and we have plans to improve the trails and signage on these parks.

Over the next few years, we will be fostering partnerships with organizations and businesses to add programs, classes, and develop new ways to serve the community. This may be as simple as a business that wants to attract customers may provide a class for PRPD. We also hope to collaborate with organizations in creative ways to mutually support our missions. For example, this summer we will be working with Paradise Unified School District, so that they provide lunches to all PRPD camp participants.

Looking out further, we are exploring how we can improve our park footprint, by adding land or amenities. For example, we are exploring opportunities to provide essentially a “front door” to one of our underutilized parks. This will allow the public access to a beautiful park that few people visited before. We are building opportunities with other agencies to improve trails, access, and provide new recreational options.

In the long-term, we believe that well-located Parks will provide a strategic buffer to the community and improve public and emergency access, improve property values, coordinate vegetation management, and provide a recreation backbone that will provide economic opportunities for Paradise and beyond.

We need places to inspire, reflect, and play.

We also need programs and events that support the community.

As we adapt, we need your help. Let us know, what programs, facilities, and events do you need?

We are not afraid of the challenges and changes ahead, we are glad you are here.

Let’s get started.

Dan Efseaff, District Manager