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Paradise Lake

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Over the next couple of months, the Paradise Recreation and Park District (PRPD) will be taking over recreation amenities and operations at Paradise Lake from the Paradise Irrigation District (PID).


While we are planning for the transition to occur by June 1, 2020, we do have some administrative hurdles to clear.  Once we have cleared these hurdles, we will begin issuing annual passes for day use facilities and/or boating.  In order to expedite issuing an annual pass when they are available, people interested in purchasing an annual pass may contact PRPD by phone:  530-872-6393 or by email: (redacted)  to provide us with contact information.  When PRPD is able to begin issuing permits we will contact the people on this waiting list so that we can expedite issuing the permit to them.  In the meantime, annual pass holders may use last year’s pass and daily passes are available for purchase at the Lake kiosk.  


PRPD will maintain the current rules and hours historically in place at the Lake, so visitors familiar with the Lake will see few changes for this season.  However, we are collecting input for suggested rule changes and will be examining them for the 2021 season.  


PRPD will also be kicking off some additional recreational activities at the Lake once the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.  Anglers will be pleased to learn that the District is securing the delivery of additional hatchery trout to the lake in the late spring and early summer.


Interested members of the public can also participate in a volunteer stewardship program that will help PRPD care for and monitor this amazing resource in our backyard. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at (redacted) if interested, and feel free to contact us at 530-872-6393 for more details.