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Seeds of Love Organization

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From Lili Sol, Program Coordinator

About The Healing Program: Seeds of Love “SOL” is working with the Paradise Recreation and Park District, "PRPD", to provide a range of programs to help heal and bring together those residents of the community who have suffered such great losses resulting from the 2018 Campfire. The classes will be offered at the Terry Ashe facility located in central Paradise. The topics include art therapy for seniors, Dance, Music, Capoeira, Brazilian martial arts for youth, after school programs for teenagers, cooking classes for all ages and an extensive gardening program onsite, that will focus on starting gardens from scratch, keeping the garden sustainable and organic and how to use the products that are grown.

SOL recognizes that Butte County had a high rate of those who had adverse childhood experiences prior to the Campfire. Many of the residents had to flee for their lives in the path of the Campfire in addition to losing their homes, belongings, pets and even family members. It is also apparent that the recovery will not be rapid. Less than 700 of the 18,000 residences lost in the fire have completed the rebuilding process. What the follow up to the ACE's study has taught us is that surviving trauma is about resilience. The classes offered by SOL are designed to promote confidence, a sense of community and the grounding assurance that the participants are loved. At this time, we believe Paradise has less than 5,000 full time residents, but there are many more who are in the process of rebuilding and those numbers are anticipated to steadily increase over the next couple of years. Another reality is that many residents are very low income due to job losses, being retired and of course the overlapping crises of Covid-19.Sol

 SOL currently hosts three classes each Thursday, starting with the Brazilian Cooking Class at 11:00 am at the Terry Ashe Center. 

Lili would like to share the Brazilian Recipes as well as videos from her cooking class on this site in order to give future participants an idea of what they will be experiencing during the SOL classes. Please enjoy the videos below as well as the downloadable recipe PDF's. 

List of Recipes for download:


Check out more videos that describe the Seeds of Love Classes on the Seeds of Love YouTube Page


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