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Reimbursement Policy

Paradise Recreation and Park District

Procedures for Imprest Cash Fund:


1. Cash to personnel making purchase:

a.   A petty cash voucher with the supervisor’s signature of approval indicating item, estimated cost and the account to be charged will be submitted to the District Manager or the District Bookkeeper.

b.   Upon receipt of the voucher, the District Manager or District Bookkeeper will give cash in the amount of estimated cost to person making the purchase.

c.   Employee will sign the voucher as receiving cash and leave it with the District Manager or District Bookkeeper.

d.   After purchase, the paid invoice or receipt and change, if any, shall be returned to the District Manager or District Bookkeeper within the same day.

e.   The District Manager or District Bookkeeper will verify the amount of the invoice, change returned, and initial the voucher.  Personnel will be reimbursed for any additional money spent out of pocket.

2. Personnel Out of Pocket Expense:

a.   Employees will present paid invoice or receipt to the District Manager or District Bookkeeper as soon as possible after the purchase.

b.   The invoice must show the Supervisor’s signature of approval and the account to be charged.

c.   No money shall be disbursed without such receipts.

d. Employee shall sign any and all receipts indicating that cash has been received.

 3. Accounting:

a.   Paid bills and vouchers will be filed in a petty cash envelope until the fund needs replenishing.

b.   The District Bookkeeper will transfer the accounting information from the voucher or paid invoice to a balance sheet located in the ‘Petty Cash’ money bag.  Total of paid invoices, plus balance of cash, must at all times, be equal to the total amount of the Imprest Cash Fund.

c.   When the fund needs replenishing, the paid bills will be totaled and attached to an account distribution slip and processed with other accounts payable for the month.  The warrant will be drawn in the name of the District Bookkeeper in the amount of the expenditures.

d. The proper budgetary accounts will be charged from the account distribution information.


Excerpt of the Board of Directors and Administrative By-Laws
Adopted by PRPD Board of Directors - February 14, 2006