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Open Court 3x3 Basketball

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Open Court 3x3 Basketball

Who: Basketball players, athletes, ballers, hoopsters, and anyone looking to enjoy the evening atmosphere as the sun sets at Terry Ashe Recreation Center 

What: A free, positive competitive environment hosted on basketball court, complete with referee, scoreboard, hydration station, and motivational music!

Where: The Terry Ashe Recreation Center, 6626 Skyway Paradise CA 95969

When: August 21st through October 21st from 5:00 pm through 8:00pm(ish)

Why: The fall season on the Ridge is well known for beautiful sunsets and the basketball court at the TARC is no exception! Resurrecting the hoop scene at the TARC, this community centered program will culminate in a 3x3 Tournament on October 21st and 22nd with a bracket based competition - complete with trophies and glory for the winners.  

How: Ensuring positive competition, a seasoned referee will be provided as well as the following ammenities: hydration station(bring your water bottles), scoreboard, music, and pennies to identify teams. 

Free to participants, preregistration for the October 21st and 22nd Tournament available HERE.