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OHV Grant Application - Public Comment

The Paradise Recreation and Park District is in the process of applying for grants for future development and upkeep of newly acquired property in Magalia, at the crossroads of Jordan Hill Road and Coutolenc Road.  The District is seeking public comment regarding this application.  Please see attached link and screenshot for reference of how to submit a public comment.

EGrAMS : Review Preliminary Application 

  • Next to Agency, click the 3 dots to select "Paradise Recreation and Park District".  It is on Page 2 of this list.
  • Click the paperclips under "view" to view the attached application materials
  • Click on "public comment" to submit comments on the applications
May contain: text and file


For more information, click on the following link or next to "Grant Program" on the form, click the 3 dots and it will take you to the Grant & Cooperative Agreements page.