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Doom the Broom

Fill out an interest form to get on our contact list. It is the off season right now and we will start dooming the broom starting November - May. 

Love cooler, hoodie weather?

Don't mind digging your hands in the dirt?

Fall and Winter is the season for invasive plant removal! Weed wrenches are warmed up, and we could use extra hands to tackel non-native invasives such as broom. 

May contain: plant, flower, and blossom

What is Broom?

 A non-native invasive to our area that has been overwhelming our parks and properties. It’s time to tackle it. One of many methods is to pull it out, root and all! We have tools to do the job. 


Why remove it?

- Displaces native vegetation/species that help promote natural ecological systems.

- Reduces biodiversity and forage.

- Alters the fundamental nature of habitats by converting it from open systems to dense shrub lands. Deer can't get to the creek if a thick wall of brush is blocking it. 

- Fire hazard.