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Community Recreation and Assistance Grant

The Paradise Recreation and Park District (PRPD, District) is pleased to announce a new Recreation Grant opportunity for non-profit organizations providing programs, classes, or events (hereafter call "projects") for residents living in the District.  Proposals can request a minimum grant award of $1,000 to a maximum of $5,000 in either cost-reimbursable funding or the equivalent in facility use fees.

Proposals are due by September 29, 2023.  Funding awards will be announced shortly thereafter.  Projects must be completed by June 30, 2024.  Projects receiving cost-reimbursable funding may request reimbursement on the first day of each month.  Representatives of projects awarded funding will be required to report to the PRPD Board of Directors about the project after June 30, 2023.  Instructions will be provided.

Please read the details of the grant program below, then follow this link to submit an application:


In order to be eligible for the grant, the following criteria must be met:


A 501(c)3 organization or club currently operating within District Boundaries that prioritize youth and adult service activities consistent with District recreation for residents.


The program, class, or event must be:

  • Open to the public 
  • Publicly noticed or advertised
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Occur within District boundaries

Grant funds

Must be:

  • Used for project expenses and program delivery (Example: advertising expense, cost of rentals, program materials, etc.). 
  • Spent within remainder of Fiscal Year 2023-2024 (October 20, 2023 - June 30, 2024)
  • (Optional) May be used toward District facility rental

Must not be:

  • Used for staff time or overhead
  • Used for events that are predominantly fund-raising in nature, or Political or religious events


PRPD has developed a rubric for scoring the project proposals.  Items for consideration include:

  • Number of participants (Up to 3 points)
  • Underserved or targeted populations (low income, youth, seniors, etc.) (Up to 3 points)
  • Underserved District locations either Butte Creek Canyon, Concow/Yankee Hill, or Magalia (Up to 2 points)
  • Coordination or collaboration with 501(c)3 organizatin partners (Up to 2 points)
  • Project not currently offered by the District (Up to 1 point)
  • Promotes District facilities, programs or classes (Up to 1 point)
  • Events that could continue in the future without additional funding (Up to 1 point)
CriteriaPoints PossibleWeight in ScoringNotes
Number of Participants315%10-30 Participants (1 point)    31-75 Participants (2 points)  76 or More participants (3 points)
Basis for Participation Estimate110%Credible estimate (1 point)    Lack of basis for estimate (0 points) 
Participants from Underserved Populations320%One underserved group of participants (1 point)                Two underserved groups of participants (2 points)            Three or more underserved groups of participants (3 points)                
Participants from Underserved Locations Within the District220%Butte Creek Canyon or Concow/Yankee Hill (2 points)                                    Magalia (1 point)
Coordination/Collaboration with Additional Partners215%One partner (1 point)                Two or more partners (2 points) 
Project not Offered by the District110%Not currently offered by the District (1 point)
Promotes District Facilities, Programs or Classes15%Yes (1 point)                               No (0 points)
Events that Could Continue in the Future Without Additional Financial Support from the District15%Yes, with credible estimation of future success without PRPD funding (1 point)



Organizations approved for funding will be required to provide:

  • A written proposal providing a narrative of the request and description of the need, event, and population served (no more than 5 pages)
  • A (print ready) poster or promotional information that may be incorporated in the PRPD Activity Guide
  • Budget with significant tasks associated with grant funds requested
  • Evidence of liability insurance of at least $1 million dollars, naming the District as additionally insured
  • A copy of the organizational articles of incorporation
  • Up-to-date Federal tax filings



Grantees will be required to provide a report to the PRPD Board of Directors at the end of the project or term of the grant with the following information:

  • Financial statement demonstrating how the grant funds were utilized for the grant-funded project
  • Description of the completed project and accomplishments such as
  • Number of residents served
  • Population served (i.e. youth, senior, families, etc.)
  • Location where the project was held
  • What went well
  • Any improvements that could be made to the project