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Lookout Trail RC Crawl with AMAIN Hobbies

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Lookout Trail RC Crawl - AMAIN

Hey crawlers and RC car enthusiasts! Join the excellent folks at AMAIN Hobbies at Bille Park for an epic trail crawl out to the Lookout Point. This free event is organized to continue bringing RC and Drone enthusiasts up to the Ridge to enjoy the RC specific ammenities at Bille Park. Last year the volunteers at Amain partnered with PRPD to revamp the RC crawler course in upper Bille Park. This year, we take the show down the trail! 

Who: RC enthusiasts, pro crawlers, Amain staff, members of the public

What: An RC crawl that starts at the lookout point trailhead and makes its way out(1/4 mile) to the lookout point that oversees the Little Butte Creek Canyon(see picture). Free to participants and onlookers, this event is a part of the monthly event series that Amain hosts. 

Where: Upper Bille Park Picnic and Group Area Click this link for directions Ensure that you are NOT headed to the Bille Park Expansion, this area is in use on May 20th. 

When: May 20th from 9:00 am to Noon

Why: Amain has been a wonderful community partner and sponsor to Paradise Recreation and Park District. As part of this ongoing relationship, we strive to provide services for the RC enthusiast community that will differentiate our parks, trails, and other ammenities from NON-RC friendly locations. Future plans include ongoing site improvements to the established RC crawler course as well as integration to our popular Drone and RC Camp

How: Amain will take the lead on the trail and in the orchestration of this event. Arrive at the event with your batteries charged, plenty of sunscreen, ready to win one of the raffle prizes! You must be present to win, so plan on sticking around for the finale. Contact Jared or Jabari at Amain with questions or concerns. 

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Map of trailhead meeting location, no parking zone, and lookout point location over Little Butte Creek Canyon

Note to participants and first time Bille Park visitors: after the Camp Fire many of the trees that can be seen from the satellite image are no longer on site. This has opened up the viewscape from the trail. The open view is beautiful and unlike any other. Please use the trees in the map as landmarks to orient towards the trailhead.