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Tikes Get Bikes Event - Youth Bicycle Donations

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Does your little one need a bike to ride this Spring and Summer? 

Through a partnership with Everybody Healthy Body, Golden West Homes, and the Bicycle Refurbishing Program at Folsom Prison, PRPD is hosting a bicycle give away/donation event at Upper Bille Park.

There are almost 50 bicycles to chose from, each coming with a brand new youth helmet. The inventory consists of 12", 16", 18", and 20" bicycles - some of which have training wheels - all in rideable condition. These lightly used cycles have been refurbished, tightened and "teched", so that they your little one can jump on the bike and take it for a spin on the hard surface paths that surround the Meadow at Bille Park. Inventory is mostly the smaller bikes, with only a few 20" bikes available.  

Participation ribbons will be given to those recipients that take a lap or two on our "Race Track", snap a photo with their new bike(so that we can send those photos back to the inmates that worked on the bikes), and grab a cold drink to refresh after their exercise. 

With upbeat "Fast Music" and an announcer on the mic encouraging the young racers, parents and guardians may want to keep their cameras ready to capture the action. 

Below are pictures of some of the bicycles so that parents can get an idea of what "gently used" looks like. On the day of the event, these bikes will be in an area that the participants can walk into, make their selection, and then walk out with their new-to-them bike. 

If you see a bike that you think your youngster will like in the pictures below, please keep in mind that the exact bike may not be available on the day of the event, so don't make any promises to your littles about specific bikes!

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Lastly, please fill out the form below so that we can get an idea of how many participants will be coming to collect their bike and take a few laps. 

Questions? Want to volunteer? Have a bike you want to donate? email