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Most Adorable Fisherperson Submission and Voting Page

May contain: person, human, shorts, apparel, and clothing
Photo 1 - First Place with 175votes - Submitted by Colin Beall
May contain: clothing, apparel, and hood
Photo 2 - Currently 2nd place with 79 votes - Submitted by Hannah Smith
May contain: person, human, apparel, shorts, clothing, and outdoors
Photo 3 - Third Place with 33 Vote - Submitted by Jenni Goodlin
May contain: apparel, clothing, lifejacket, vest, person, and human
Photo 4- Submitted by  Sierra Rowney 
May contain: human, person, clothing, apparel, and ground
Photo 5- Submitted by Cambria Hardin 
May contain: perch, fish, animal, automobile, transportation, car, vehicle, person, human, and bird
Photo 6 - Submited by William Raymond