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Leaderboard - Photo Fishing Derby

 Welcome to the Photo Fishing Derby Leaderboard page! Please vote for your favorite pictures and videos ON THE VOTING PAGE, check out entries for Biggest Fish and the Marvelous Minnow, and follow us on Facebook to keep up on voting results!

If you have a submission, please visit the category page you would like to submit to and follow the links!

May contain: animal, fish, human, person, perch, sunglasses, accessories, and accessory
Biggest Fish - Current Leader  with 5 votes - Submitted by William Raymond
Girl holding a small fish
Marvelous Minnow - Current Leader  with 3 votes- Submitted by Diana Anderson
May contain: water, person, outdoors, human, fishing, apparel, clothing, angler, and leisure activities
Leaderboard Video - Best Blooper Video
May contain: clothing, apparel, and hood
Current Leader with 26 Votes - Submitted by Brittany McElroy
May contain: water, outdoors, human, person, and fishing
Best Photo Finish - Current Leader with 26 votes - Submitted by Brittany McElroy