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Ice Rink Hours & Fees 23

The Paradise Ice Rink is back for 2023!


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May contain: advertisement and poster

November 10, 2023—January 10, 2024

   BUY PRESALE TICKETS HERE               (Open Daily)

adult and child smiling and holding hands while they ice skate at the rink at Terry Ashe Recreation Center

 (Rink is subject to closure during rainy weather)

May contain: shoe, clothing, footwear, apparel, person, human, sport, and sports

     Fees, Passes, Rentals

Daily Admission: $14, Includes Skates, if needed
Individual Season Pass:  $175

Family Season Pass: $350 (For 4 family members, additional persons are $50 each)

10 Visit Pass:  $120

5 Visit Pass:  $60

Sunday Adult Skate: $18 (includes skates)-begins November 19th

Private Rental: Field Trips, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events Call 872.6393 for pricing and availability.
Rooms in the Terry Ashe Recreation Center can also be rented to coincide with your event when available. 
Ice Rink Party Room: During the course of the Paradise on Ice program, Room D at the Terry Ashe Recreation Center will be available at a special rate of $60 per hour. We will include up to 5 round tables and 40 chairs and a head table suitable for gifts and food. This offer does not include admission to the Ice Rink. Call the PRPD Office to reserve the party room, (530) 872-6393.

Field Trips: Schedule your next school field trip with us. Monday through Friday open this season: 9:30am-11:30am for up to 60 students for $400. 

Classes will get a short demonstration of how to properly lace their skates, get a few pointers on the safe use of the ice skating rink , and help from dedicated staff  to put on their skates. Each participating class, will recieve a signed copy of a Thank You Letter from the staff who worked their field trip and a class photo.

To reserve your spot, the field trip reservation page or call Monday-Friday 9:00am-3:00pm at (530) 872-6393.