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Broom Busting Parties!

May contain: person, human, outdoors, plant, tree, and ground
May contain: ground, plant, tree, vegetation, outdoors, land, nature, forest, and woodland


Come join us for a satisfying time pulling an invasive species (Scotch Broom). Scotch Broom is a non-native invasive that is has been overwhelming our parks for years and it’s time to tackle it! One of the best methods is to hand pull it out, root and all.

Dates: TBD

Time: TBD

Location: TBD

Why? Scotch Broom…..

-          Displaces native vegetation/species.

-          Reduces biodiversity and forage for wildlife.

-          Alters the fundamental nature of habitats by converting it from open systems to dense shrub lands.

-          Contains very flammable oils which can pose a fire hazard.