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Biggest Fish Submissions And Voting Page

May contain: person, human, animal, and fish
NEW LEADER- Submitted by Matt Austin 
May contain: sunglasses, accessories, accessory, animal, fish, human, person, hat, clothing, and apparel
Currently 2nd Place - Submitted by Kameron Robertson-Caleb Robertson 
May contain: animal, fish, human, person, perch, sunglasses, accessories, and accessory
Currently 3rd Place - Submitted by William Raymond
May contain: water, person, human, and outdoors
Photo 2 - Submitted by Renee Roczey - Tyler Moon age 10
May contain: animal, trout, fish, person, and human
Photo 3 - Submitted by Renee Roczey - Ladel Remote age 13
May contain: clothing, apparel, human, person, outdoors, and water
Photo 4 - Submitted by Renee Roczey - Tyler Moon age 10