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Volunteer Day - Tree Care

Volunteer with Paradise recreation and park district to care for over 100 native trees before summer heat.

We will focus on applying mulch around trees to help promote roots, water retention, and weed mitigation

Why: As The Town of Paradise rebuilds it is important to rebuild the natural environment as well. Trees provide many benefits to the community such as shade, clean air, boost mental health, support wildlife, and so much more. Join us in connecting to nature through service!

Time: 10:30am - 1pm

Location: Location: Noble Park Paradise, CA (On the east side of Pentz Rd., between Wagstaff and Merrill)

Who: Everyone welcome! Volunteers are needed to help park staff with tree care on a variety of species. No tree experience needed. 

Roles and Expectations:

- Mulch around trees.

- Remove invasive weeds surrounding trees.

- Apply coco weed mats.

- Adjust tree cages, as needed. 

- Tree ties. 

- Identify tree species and learn about natives in our area.

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