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75th Anniversary Celebration

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Flier for 75th Anniversary Celebration

Paradise Recreation and Parks District Celebrates 75 Years of service!

Who: Join our staff, community leaders, and the organizations that have branched off from PRPD over the years for a celebration that includes the following:

Kids and people in a grass area with trees and a bounce house
Bounce Houses for the Kiddos
  • fun for the kiddos
  • a photo gallery walk through the history of our great District
  • free burgers
  • free ice cream cones
  • free park admittance
  • free parking
  • a look into the future 
    • plans for future parks in Magalia, Paradise, and surrounding areas
    • plans for updates to current parks; Bille, Paradise Lake

When: August 12th, 2023 from noon to 4:00 pm

Where: Bille Park and the Bille Park Expansion Directions Here

Why: From humble beginnings, through numerous catastrophies, and as an integral component of living a healthy outdoor lifestyle in our rebuilding community, Paradise Recreation and Parks District is proud to celebrate the longevity of our organization with those that make it all happen - the community. Orienting our sights towards a productive future while examining and celebrating the fruitful efforts of generations past, staff want to throw a bash that has a little something for everyone - and ice cream. 

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Bille Park Expansion

How: Park in either of the parking lots at Bille park and make your way through the various regions of the park by following the trails and paths. Signs and banners will guide you to the ammenities, tasty treats, playgrounds and bounce houses, and canyon views. 

Partners and Organizations seeded through PRPD

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Sunset Canyon Views

As public servants, staff and administration are charged with assisting individuals and organizations in the endeavor to partner in providing recreation and park services to the community. Check out this list of groups and organizations that PRPD has seeded throughout the years. Head over to their websites to catch a glimpse of what they are up to now and catch their booth at the 75th Anniversary Celebration. 


Paradise Little League

Paradise Horsemans Association

Paradise Symphony Orchestra


Host a table, activity, or booth at our celebration

Did we miss your name or organization? Do you or your organization want to be a part of helping us celebrate our 75th Anniversary?  Please fill in the form below and our staff will be in touch with you shortly.